Email Report

For the Email Reports to work it is essential that the computer you are working on has Microsoft Outlook (or Microsoft Outlook Express) installed and correctly configured and, of course, that you are connected to the Internet.

AgShow has the capability of Emailing a Report as an attachment to an individually constructed email.
There are two main types of reports that AgShow emails:
  1. An Individually Constructed Report that is constructed for each selected contact then emailed as an attachment to an individually constructed email message to the contact. Reports include: Entry Confirmation, Entry Labels (new to version 16.2), Results by Entrant, Sponsorship Invoice, Membership Invoices, Membership Renewal Notice (where many members can be selected, but each member only receives their own renewal notice) and Trade Stallholder Invoice.

  2. A Standard Report that is constructed according to the report criteria, then the one report is emailed to the selected contacts, each with an individually constructed body message. Reports include: Print Schedule, Entry Catalogue, Results by Class and Trade Stall Site List.
General method is: See Email Report Form and Information:
The following form is for an Individually Constructed Report, which has the Email Address being sent to displayed. When a report can be sent to Multiple Recipients, the Email Address is replaced by a button that opens (another) form where you select the contacts for the email.

Details on some of the fields and buttons of the Email Report form:

Note that during construction of the report there may be some flickering of images and text on the screen, especially if your report contains any Rich Text text. This is normal!