Label Size Specification

The Label Size Specification form is displayed when printing Entry Labels, Prize Labels, Membership Labels and Mailing Labels.
The form has predefined measurements for usual Avery, Reflex, Tudor and Unistat label layouts printed on A4 paper, however these measurements may be altered and updated by the user.
In addition to being able to alter the predefined measurements, there are 3 custom layouts where you can enter and save your own label measurements.

Generally, larger the label sizes do not contain any extra information but print with larger font sizes and are more spread out. Smaller label sizes, with height less than 3 cm, may not fit all of the data that you have selected. AgShow will just cut it off - even midway down a line!

On loading this form AgShow loads the last used label size with the last Updated values of the size. So, if you were using a particular size and altered some of the values, unless you Updated them before exiting you will need to reenter the altered values.

Borders and Borderless Label Sizes and Printers with Minimum Margins:

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