Merge AgShow .sho Files

The Merge option allows you to copy (import) data from one AgShow .sho data file (Source) into another (Destination).

Most shows rely on volunteers, so you may have different people in charge of different activities. That is, someone taking sponsorships, someone else in charge of trade stall sites, another for memberships and maybe more than one in charge of entering show entries.
It would be good if these people can perform some of their own work at home and then collate (merge) their data together. AgShow can support that and the general procedure that you could follow is:
  1. Roll-over last year's .sho data file then update the schedule in the new file.
  2. Use AgShow Utilities 'Copy Show Data File to copy your main .sho file to USB flash drives, one copy for each user.
  3. The users then Open the .sho copy on the USB drive from within AgShow on their own computer and enter data as required.
    AgShow needs to be installed on each user's computer.
  4. When finished, take the USB drive back to the main computer. Start up AgShow Utilities and select 'Merge .sho File Data'.
  5. Select your main file for the Destination and the USB file for the Source (directly from the USB is okay).
  6. Select the modules that you wish to Import, then click the Import button.
  7. Your main data file will now contain all data entered in the USB data file.
Note that connecting computers over a Local Area Network (using cables) is a MUCH more efficient method of supporting multiple users than using the Merge option.
Always BACKUP your .sho data file BEFORE merging or importing data.
Use the 'Backup a Show File' in AgShow Utilities.
Modules to Merge:

Merge screen details:

How records are 'Matched' between the Source and Destination .sho data files: