Import From Excel

This option allows you to import contacts (with an optional membership), schedule or entries from an Excel spreadsheet into a .sho data file.
Excel columns are matched to AgShow fields so an Excel file produced by another source, such as an online entries application, may be able to be used with little or no modification.

Always BACKUP your .sho data file BEFORE merging or importing data.
Use the 'Backup a Show File' in AgShow Utilities.

The Excel Import Wizard comprises of 3 forms:

1. The File Selection Form:

2. The Field Matchup Form:

3. The final Import Form:

File format information for Excel (.xls) and Comma-Separated-Values (.csv) files:

General Excel data information:

Importing Contacts required columns in Excel file:

Importing Entries required columns in Excel file:

Importing Schedule required columns in Excel file:

Example of Comma-Separated-Values (.csv) file for importing Contacts and Memberships: